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Art can change lives. Our artful products don’t just make your life beautiful, they give hope to hundreds of lives-from Tapati, whose life was saved by the healthcare Anuschka provides, to Bivas, who is now able to provide for his family. Their stories are the true masterpieces.

When you buy an Anuschka handbag, you’re investing in the stories of 500+ people just like Bivas and Tapati. These are people in need of a regular income, healthcare, a secure home and an education for their children. By sharing the beauty of art with you, we can turn the problem of poverty into a circle of prosperity.

My motivation is the people who work with me and depend on me. My inspiration is travel. As a Designer, I have to innovate to ensure Anuschka is relevant in an everchanging market. While the demands of our growing company have me traveling frequently, I try ever so often to go off the beaten path. This is often where I find inspiration for my next collection whether it is on the streets of Paris, the hills of Tuscany or in the sunsets in Arizona. Every place has something or someone that inspires me to create something unforgettable. I can fill my days exploring churches and temples, museums and shops, forests and mountains, soaking up the local culture. But the time I spend at our workshop is the most precious to me.

Moving forward, I will continue to push Anuschka towards a holistic, intentional lifestyle brand. We are focused on creating meaningful art that makes you feel beautiful, not just because you are, but because of the value you bring to lives in need. You embody our core values and bring our social responsibility efforts to life.

We look forward to continuing this exciting journey with your support. I can’t wait to see where Anuschka will go in the coming years.

Bhaskar Basu

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